My work in Planet: the Welsh Internationalist

Largely, this is for my own ego, and being able to find my own published work more easily.  But also it’s so that I have a really obvious webpage to point to, whilst laughing heartily, if I ever get accused of being a cowardly anonymous blogger who hides behind camels.

As if. . .

As you can see, I am not hiding behind this camel.

Ted Parry, ‘Simplicity Itself: The Causes of Suicide’
Planet 190, August/September 2008

In this I deal with the mystification that surrounds our attitudes to suicide in contemporary society – and particularly our insistence on treating it as individual mental weakness rather than a structural thing.



Being Not Doing: the Rise of the ‘Feminine’, Planet 196, Autumn 2009

This examines the shift in consciousness from feminist to feminine, and lays out some of the problems with it.

‘The Myth of the Shadow Bar’ and ‘Three Pigeons at Hurbanová’
Planet 198, Spring 2010

These are poems. I don’t really ‘get’ poetry generally, but if you do, good for you.

Ted Parry, ‘I Don’t Want Your Charity’
Planet 207, August 2012

‘I Don’t Want Your Charity: Part 2’
Planet 208, Winter 2012-13

A two parter pointing out that charity really isn’t that great a thing.

144: A Short Story
Planet 215, Autumn 2014

Stories, on the other hand, I think I do get.  And I quite like this one, although it is possible to argue there’s a problem with the maths of it.

Angharad Gwilym and Ted Parry, ‘Scouse Not English?’
223, Autumn 2016. 

You can also find this here:

It’s about some of the many ways that Liverpool is not English, as you probably got from the title.

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