Camel of the day 13-2-2020

You’ve always secretly wanted to make an origami camel.  Me too, although in my case it’s hardly a secret. 

This is the most straighforward explainer I’ve found so far that involves making a camel with an even number of legs.  I mean, really, who want to make a three-legged camel? 

Once I’ve tested it I’ll let you know if it can be made to stand up, which is the only awkward bit of this video.

There’s no sound, so put on some music while you watch.

There will be more origami camels.  But these will be subject to a rigorous testing and evaluation process to discover just how viable they for the cackhanded and origamically unskilled.  If you’re particularly proud of the one you make and you think it’ll pass muster with the Camel of the Day quality scrutiny committee, drop us a line. and we’ll make it famous.