Camel(s) of the Day 22-12-2019

It’s a rare and wonderful thing.  I actually know the names of the camels featured today. 

This little bit of caring would, in itself, probably have persuaded me to share the following video.  But more importantly, the artists care as much for humans as they do for camels – and in the right kind of ways; and make video and hooks that communicate their  message clearly even though I understand little (ok, pretty much nothing) of what they’re singing. 

So, here’s Loulou and Abou Nhase starring in the video for Michelle and Noel Keserwany’s excellent 3al Jamal bi wasat Beirut

The humans involved (though sadly not Loulou and Abou Nhase) also feature in the video below. You should just watch this because it’s really good. Again, you’ll get it even if you don’t get the languages.